Hi Readers,

Today I would like to introduce Thingspeak – open data platform for the IoT.

This platform allows you to simply collect data from your sensor then analyze it and trigger selected action:

CollectCollect – Send sensor data to the cloud.

AnalyzeAnalyze – Analyze and visualize your data.

ActAct – Trigger a reaction.

ThingSpeak Features

  • Real-time data collection and storage
  • MATLAB® analytics and visualizations
  • Alerts
  • Scheduling
  • Device communication
  • Open API
  • Geolocation data
  • Available on GitHub®


Personally I especially like ThingSpeak from its easy to use web panel and API. Last couple months I had many problems with ESP8266, nodemcu or some with domoticz configuration, uploading firmwares or testing tools and IDEs. I have spend many times hours on small problems which had resulting during tasks. And here I found ThingSpeak which I wanted to test. And you know what? In just 10minutes (really) I have created new account I have added new channel (device) and I have learned basic API example. Easy peazy, first time.

In my next blog post I will show you example source code I have created to upload data to thingspeak base on their API. Which again, wasn’t so hard.

Next thing I did base on temperature data I have tried to create basic Matlab project which was calculating average temperature in my home. Pretty easy. I will paste here Matlan source as and example.

% Channel ID to read data from
readChannelID = YourChannelId;
% Temperature Field ID
TemperatureFieldID = YourFieldId;

% Channel Read API Key
% If your channel is private, then enter the read API
% Key between the ” below:
readAPIKey = ”;

temperature = thingSpeakRead(readChannelID, ‘Fields’, TemperatureFieldID, ‘NumMinutes’, 60, ‘ReadKey’, readAPIKey);
% Calculate the average temperature
avgTemperature = mean(temperature);
display(avgTemperature, ‘Average Temperature’)

This is very useful feature. Last year we have rent new apartment. It is a lovely place but walls are really thin. When winter came it was really cold. I was heating apartment to 22-23 degrees in evening to have in the morning something close to 6-8 degrees which is really cold when you are getting up from under your linen. And today I see how useful it would be to store this data and next day see how fast temperature is decreasing. After that use this matlab code to get average and then easily program your central heating to be effective.

Of course we can buy thermometers which already do it. There is a lot of devices on the market but here you can do it in DIY manner based on 2$ nodemcu and spending time on something useful. Only benefits and all of it for almost free.

This is why I liked ThingSpeak so much. It is really cool platform for everybody.




Github repository: https://goo.gl/ii9xsz

Be positive and stay calm!




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