Hi Readers,

Today I would like to present LuaLoader. Surprisingly useful tool which I wasn’t aware for too long. To be honest I believe everybody who starts his journey with ESP8266 should at least try LuaLoader.

Of course after testing and learning basic ESP8266 functionality using AT commands. And after changing ESP8266 firmware from AT command firmware to Lua firmware. (Which you can find on my blog).




As you can see on attached picture LuaLoader has many different interesting features.

(Skin colour section) Starting with interactive real-time main console window. You will see there everything incoming from ESP8266 board and you can still type this what you want to send to the board.

(Blue section) You can change GPIO settings or check current settings.

(Green section) You get restart it get chip Id or more.

(Orange section) You will be also able to create Access point or get list of other access points near your module.

(Yellow section) You can do everything related to Lua programming language. You can upload source code file, download existing file. Compile. Format. Remove, cat or any toher

Try it. Play with it. Hopefully it will make ESP8266 more easy for you!


Apologize Readers I am so brief today but yesterday I tried LuaLoader and as you know really I liked it! But I didn’t had much time to work on a new post. I planned to do it today and guess what it doesn’t work for me. I tried everything but it have a problem to connect LuaLoader connecting with my Nodemcu. I am able to connect to the board with other tools but not LuaLoader.


Still I hope you will like LuaLoader and you will have fun a bit with it before my next lesson which will be about another Lua tool which I am planning to test tomorrow.


Github repository: https://goo.gl/ii9xsz

Be positive and stay calm!






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