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As you could read in previous post to make a connection with WiFi network you need to use AT+CWJAP=””,”” command and to get your new IP address you need to use AT+CIFSR command.

But this is just an eye drop in the lake of features which ESP8266 is offering.

Another very useful feature is settings ESP8266 to work as an Access point to do it you need to simple set all commands one by one as I will show you on the bottom. Also you can use my SerialPortMonitor (which you can find on my github) and add all commands to an array and send it every 2-5s instead of typing it manually.

AT+RST – I believe it is always good to reset (software reset) module before starting doing anything really.

AT+CWMODE=2 – Set ESP8266 to be able to work as an Access point. After that we will need to set SSID (network name) and password also encryption type to create new access point.

AT+CWSAP=””,””,, – this command is creating access point to which we will able to connect.

  • Network SSID – name of your new Wifi network
  • Password – Wifi network password
  • Channel – Wifi channel I am using 5th channel
  • Encryption:
    • 0 – OPEN (no encryption)
    • 2 – WPA_PSK
    • 3 – WPA2_PSK
    • 4 – WPA_WPA2_PSK

AT+CIFSR – Command to get access point IP address

And this is it what you need to set to create new Wifi network using ESP8266 module.

In next post I will add commands to create Server and Client and how to exchange data between modules.






Github repository: https://goo.gl/ii9xsz

Be positive and stay calm!




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