Hi Readers,

Today I want to talked about AT commands the ‘language’ to communicate with ESP8266 boards.

The simplest command is ‘AT’. It is like saying Hi to esp board and if it will replay with same ‘AT’ it means connection is good.

Each command must be ended with Carriage return <CR> and LineFeed <LF> in most of the language it is “\r\n” on the end of each string or command. In my serial port monitor application I have added two post ago <CR><LF> is added automatically after each command. So if you have never went across carriage return you can check it on my github source code.

Another command is ‘AT+CWMODE=1’ with parameter ‘1’. It sets ESP8266 to work in station mode which mean that it will be able to connect to any WiFi network and acts as normal device/client.

After that as we want to connect ESP8266 to our WiFi network we can query list of all near networks. As you can see on attached picture near me esp found more then 10 networks but we are interested in Fred’s Network which is my temporally home network.


Output from SerialPortMonitor application (avail. on github)


As you could see on included picture next command we need to use is ‘AT+CWJAP=”<network name>”,”<password>”. This command allows us to connect to any WiFi network when we know it’s name (and if set a password). After sending it you should get back ‘WIFI CONNECTED’ and ‘WIFI GOT IP’ response from ESP8266 module. Which mean that you have successfully connected to this network.

Now to get your IP address which provided by router you need to simply type ‘AT+CIFSR’.










At this point you have ESP8266 connected to your router and you are ready to do more. But more about it I will describe in next post on GetToKnowTheBob blog.


Github repository: https://goo.gl/ii9xsz

Be positive and stay calm!





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