Good morning readers!

I have just received copy of Arduino nano.Why I said copy as I have received Arduino nano clone from china. And I need to say it works and pretty well. Genuine Arduino nano cost about 30-35$ where Chinese clone cost about 2-5$. There is no 100% guarantee as it will work but I have read that 99% of them are fine. So I am inviting you to order one or another clone instead of paying more them 30$ (within shipment).

Okay so what next. If nothing will change for Get To Know The Bob project I have decided to use Raspberry PI 2 (Raspbian) + Arduino clone (three). Also I have forgotten to tell you. Except Raspberry Pi and arduino nano I have three Raspberry Pi Zero boards so if I will have I will also try to use them as another three end-devices.

Now as I have all devices I needed. I can start testing ESP8266 modules which another three I have received on Thursday. I did some tests with it week ago but I had only one module so I wasn’t able to connect with it to anything.

I had some time during last weekend. I have cleaned up all small apps I have created to this day. Whole source code I am pushing to my git repo. If you are interested in it please check my repository. List of applications:

  1. Coordinator application (Raspbian OS in C++)
  2. Enddevice application (node.js + javascript) // I have pushed it to my GIT but as I wrote in my previous post on my blog I will not use node.js anymore.
  3. Endevice application (Arduino)
  4. Basic monitor of incoming data from serial port (Win + C#) // This console app I will use to test my Arduino as it doesn’t have HDMI or any other video output. I will try to debug it by sending back through USB cable information I will need.


Okay. So now I have my basic software and devices. I think this is best moment to start testing ESP8266 modules and to try connect them with each other.


Github repository:

Be positive and stay calm!





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