This is my second day of coding but let’s talk about whole weekend and things I have done.

Yesterday I spend most of the time installation different operating *nix systems on my raspberry ii within trying to install node.js with all extensions. What I have found out it is not easy to get node.js working. There is lot of versions of node.js packages and extensions what worst on each website there is many working solution but only one helped me. I have downloaded lot of different node.js versions before I have found one which was working.

Another problem you could experience will be npm version or other extensions. Unfortunately npm compiler sometimes is too old and doesn’t recognize new types (e.g. uint8) used in source code of latest extensions. Also there are libraries which was developed basing on already stale extensions. So if you want to use them you need to find right version of extension and hopefully it will not crash another library.

But on the end I have done it and I have found working combo of each tool with February version of Raspbian. And I have created first working version of node.js application which simply sends hello command to ESP6288. Last thing which worried me. There is ESP6288 extension for node.js but I haven’t manage to run it. I have solve couple problems but still it doesn’t work.

So what are my first feelings. Preparing whole environment for node.js took me almost two days. Of course it was weekend and we had lot of other stuff to do during week we are just to busy to do all things but I think good 8 hours I have spend on everything including installation of couple different OS.

As for a conclusion about different OS I would say that raspbian is best one for me. Ubuntu mate takes too much processor power, lite versions doesn’t includes some of packages you will need. I have also tried windows 10 IoT. An as everyday C# developer I could say that I felt there like in home but it has it’s limitation. As for example it has problem with reading temperature signal from DS18B20 and you need converter for it (google).


Github repository:

Be positive and stay calm!





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